Who’s that guitarist? The Marshall Tucker Band wants to know

When my son came home from school today, he proclaimed it was “the hottest day ever” and “it should be ILLEGAL for the weather to be so hot.”

For those of you who live in more southern climates, it’s only 80 degrees here. But to a Rochester kid, this is hot.

Then he shared this interesting bit of news with me:

He was sort of “discovered” by the Marshall Tucker Band.


The scene was last week’s Rochester Lilac Festival. The Twelve Corners Middle School Jazz band, led by the wonderful Mr. Baldwin, performed for the lunch crowd. In this crowd must have been …. the Marshall Tucker Band, who was putting on a free performance that evening.

After this performance, in the video above, shot by a friend and another proud pappa of the baritone saxophonist, a member of the Marshall Tucker Band wanted to know who the guitar soloist was.

That would happen to be MY BOY!

Now, I still don’t want my baby to grow up to be a rock star, but at the very least, to see that ear-to-ear grin on his face, it’s worth bragging about in a blog post!

Rock on, young man, rock on.

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2 responses to “Who’s that guitarist? The Marshall Tucker Band wants to know”

  1. renée a. schuls-jacobson says :

    This is really cool! Nathan sounded great (once be stopped futzing with his amp)! Such a guitar player! LOL! So glad he’s got an instrument he loves. It’ll make the move easier. Don’t you know every girl falls for a rock & roll star? 🙂


    • stacylynngittleman says :

      yes, he was trying to get the amp loud enough to be heard but soft enough to not drown out the other band mates (such good musicianship he has!). Yes, I am counting on that guitar to be a good social in-road for him – all he has to do is comb his hair and clean his fingernails and he’ll be all set with the women!


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