Congratulations, Larry David. You are now a Notorious Jew in the Headlines


Dear #LarryDavid,

Like many tuning in to #SaturdayNightLive, I expect the late-night show to push the envelope in late night comedy.

To be funny, even the Saturday night after 9/11.

To be funny and to provide humor as a refuge and give us license to laugh at the dire state of affairs we find these United States in these days.

Last night, you had me laughing, even after you pointed out the obvious fact that the celebrities called out for sexual harassment are for the most part Jewish.

Three words, “Oy Vey Izmir!”

I chuckled.

I agree. I would rather not have Jews in the headlines.

But this morning, you have become one of the notorious Jews, haven’t you?

After your monologue slipped into concentration camp jokes, you lost me. My jaw remained agape.  I never got over it, I couldn’t laugh at a single SNL skit for the remainder of the evening.

Yeah, as a descendant of Polish Jews who thank good fortune got out of Poland long before Hitler came to power, over the decades of my learning and trying to fathom the unfathomable, I too have contemplated upon what it would be like to have been a Jew under Nazi occupation.

None of them involved dating or being approached for a hook up.

Here are my thoughts.

None of them are funny.

  • How could I go for days without food? How could I survive a transport crammed onto a cattle car?
  • How I would have survived even one day if I woke one morning with one of my splitting migraines?  That day I would have not made the selection.
  • I have thought how women like me, standing for hours in the heat or cold for the morning roll call, survived and did not make the selection.
  •  How I would have not have survived any day I came down with the flu, or any day of any of my three pregnancies? How would I have given birth if I was sent to the camps pregnant?
  • As a mother, daughter, wife, sister, I have thought how I could have survived knowing my children and mother were sent to the left for selection.

So, Mr. David, I hope you woke up today, after that extra hour of sleep, deeply deeply regretting your monologue. Pushing the envelope and getting cringes at the expense of the Six Million Jewish souls is one push too far.

May their souls forever be bound in the holiness of God, and may you find it in your big fat bank account to make a very big donation to the Shoah Foundation or other institutions set up to perpetuate Holocaust education when the last survivor parts this Earth.

About stacylynngittleman

I have been a public relations professional and reporter -- and always thought I would live in the New York Metro area - before my husband took a job in Rochester, New York. Most in Metro New York can't find Rochester on a map,and neither could I before we moved. I am now a columnist and a freelance writer for Rochester's only daily newspaper, the Democrat & Chronicle. I also am passionate about gardening, fitness and most of all, Jewish education and Israel Advocacy. Here's my perspective on Western New York living - the good, the bad, and the snowy.

3 responses to “Congratulations, Larry David. You are now a Notorious Jew in the Headlines”

  1. koolkosherkitchen says :

    Thank you for this timely and passionate post! I have recently posted some information about the Terezin camp, and today I received an irate comment from Antifa, full of threats. I am planning to address it in my next post. We should not forget, nor should we let others forget!

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