I’m looking for sources for my latest writing assignment as well as story leads in Detroit: new places to visit, new art to peep at and the artists who make it. Know of a good community project going on in your neighborhood that’s worth some digital ink? I’m all ears!

Please contact me at and we can both get famous.

15 responses to “Contact”

  1. Rosalie says :

    That was awsome you need to post this on the reunion page .


  2. Rabbi and Sarah Goodman says :

    B”H Stacy! Great work! we miss you and have only the best memories during your years at Rutgers Chabad! please contact us to keep in touch, we’d love it! Love, Rabbi and Sarah Goodman


    • transplantednorth says :

      Hello Rabbi Baruch and Sarah!
      So great to hear from you both. Thanks for checking out my blog. I also write a column for the newspaper here and I teach hebrew school. My oldest son becomes a Bar Mitzvah in November and we are going to Israel in his honor in December.
      I wish you L’shana Tova u’metukah in the coming year and keep up all the wonderful work you do at Rutgers Chabad.


  3. melissa says :

    Hello! My husband works for GM and we’re also making the move. I’m originally from the Detroit area so if you have any questions, let me know. Good luck!


  4. Rebeca Fuss says :

    Hi Stacy, if you ever find a Detroiter who wants a cyber penpal to share experiences of living and raising kids in a city environment, please let me know. I get to Grand Blanc several times a year to visit family and would love to meet someone who, like me, has one foot in middle class values and one foot in an environment where violence is the default method of communication and problem solving.


  5. Ed Bockowski says :


    I do not know you but I do know your father. Mr. Cooper played a big part in me making it through THS… Much to be thankful for!

    Best regards,


  6. Cathy Podell says :

    Hi Stacy , nice to finally “meet” you at book club!


    • stacylynngittleman says :

      Cathy, it was great “meeting” you too, sorry our ships passed and we were not in Detroit at the same time. Please do write me your funny observances on being a transplant to Texas and it would make a great guest blog post!


  7. Bev Tippett says :

    I’d love to share your “things I’ve learned in Community Theater” in our local players newsletter–with credit of course. Is that okay? I am the chair of the Fenton Village Players.


  8. Joe Walters says :

    I love the JVP article! As a Christian who LOVES Israel I’m thankful for her defenders.. I’m also a volunteer with ” Heroes to Heroes Foundation” please, if you don’t already know about this program, contact Judy Schaffer, founder. I know you will love the work she is doing. And please keep up your AWESOM work. Shalom.
    Yours in Freedom
    Joe Walters


  9. Josef Flaschner says :

    I read your article about loosing your son to bds
    Are you available to speak to synagogue audience in nyc?


    • stacylynngittleman says :

      Hello, he was not my biological son. He was a teen who had suffered years of neglect, trauma and estrangement and isolation from his extended family at the hands of his father. We took him in because he was close friends with my son in high school. We treated him “like” a son, it was very complicated. I am VERY interested in speaking with this. When? Would you pay for my services/travel? Please call me at 585-503-4221. Thank you.


  10. Intactivist Mama says :

    Your “circumcision” arguments are all false. I would never allow a book to command me to make my precious baby’s genitals bleed. There is literally NO justification for genital rape at all. Your daughter’s lucky she’s a girl!


    • stacylynngittleman says :

      Hey thanks for writing. Actually, I have a girl and two boys. Grown boys. Both circumsiced at 9 days as commanded by a 5,000 year old tradition that was handed down from Abraham to my ancestors and to my husband and I to fulfill this mitzvah as Jews. They are fine healthy boys as is my husband. And I thank Gd every day for bestowing me to follow His/Her commandments as given to the Jews in the Torah. Thanks for writing.


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