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A backlog of blogs


So, so much for Post-a-day.

These days, I’m lucky if I can post-a-month.

But I have so many ideas to write about but working, parenting, track, baseball and concert season are getting in the way. So is that chocolate milk that my son just spilled on the kitchen floor.

So, before I have to be in two directions at once, here are some topics I have been meaning to blog about. You pick what I should tackle first:

  • More Love Letters: This time, the ones I found between my grandparents before they were married.
  • The Robin who made a nest in our front shrub.
  • The African Burial Ground in downtown Manhattan
  • Transitions from childhood to teen-dom
  • What we saw at Ground Zero

Gotta go and watch my youngest play ball!

Like a Walk in Highland Park

every year, the entrance bed of the park is filled with pansies

It’s been a cold dark week. The news nationally, while triumphant, stirred up a lot of questions and decade-old images. What is closure anyway?

Locally, a hate crime has been committed in our town. Our high schoolers are wrestling with the news that this action was allegedly committed by someone they consider a close friend.

But, yesterday the sun finally came out. May is nature’s reward to Rochesterians for sticking it out through the long winter.

So, to forget it all, I took a walk in Rochester’s Highland Park. This park is known for its vast lilac collection – one of the nation’s largest. And with it, Rochester hosts one of its most popular festivals.

So, before the crowds, and the vendors selling fry bread and fried artichokes and – fried everything arrive. I took a walk in Highland Park and snapped the following photographs:

the earliest lilacs are just starting to bloombut the trees along the path were burstinga field of daffodilsI walked past a grove of magnoliasuntil I reached the reservoir and enjoyed this view

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