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Where Jesus Walked: Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

In Judaism, if Israel is the Jewish state, then Jerusalem is Judaism’ holiest city and its eternal united capital. But it is also holy to all faiths. As recognition of this, ever since Israel reunified Jerusalem after capturing it from the Jordanians after the 1967 Six-Day War, it has made sure  that all of Jerusalem’s religious sites are open, safe and accessible to all religions.

This is why though I am a practicing Jew and a Jewish educator,  for  one of my first post-Israel posts, I wanted to show you the walk of the Via Dolorosa. As you look at these photos, keep in mind how preserved and maintained are these stations. Keep in mind that my family walked the streets of the Old City safe and without fear because of the constant present of the Israeli Defense Forces. Keep in mind that all religious sites in Jerusalem are open and accessible to all faiths. This was not the case before 1967.

The week our family visited Israel was during Christmas. We saw thousands of Christian Pilgrims walking  Jesus’ final steps:

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