Kiss Me On the Bus: A Second Grader’s Tale

A few posts ago, some readers may have mistakenly thought I was down on myself for not being gainfully employed in my originally intended career path. But, if I had been working full-time the other day, I would not have been home to see my youngest off the bus and would have missed this exchange with him:

Toby bounded off the bus about a week or so before Thanksgiving, a look of shock combined with shades of amusement on his face. His red backpack, nearly as big as he, was quickly thrust into my arms as he stomped into the house.

“Mom! You will not believe this. Sarah — this girl on my bus — said she has a crush on ME!”

“Really,” I responded, as I got out the Ovaltine and milk and searched in the cabinet for some cookies. “Well, Toby, I have to say, she has good taste, whoever this Sarah is.” Of COURSE some little girl would have a crush on my Toby. I mean, what grade school girl, or any woman in the future for that matter, could resist those grey-blue eyes, the lashes, the dimples.  This is the only reason he gets away with half the trouble he gets into at home.

He continued. “Mom, how can she have a crush on me? I mean, there are far better looking boys on my bus.”

Again, I think, who does this boy think he is talking to? I’m his mom!  In my unbiased opinions about my son, could he even think that I could imagine a boy in the second grade cuter than him? On the 10 bus? Or any schoolbus toting small children home that afternoon? Impossible!

He stirs his chocolate milk, still looking confused and pensive. He concludes with, “I just can’t believe she has a crush on me. I mean, she’s only FIVE, and I’m SEVEN. SEVEN! Hello? I’m two whole years older than her! Mom, isn’t that a little — strange?”

To this, I have nothing to say. I sip my afternoon coffee and just take this all in. You just can’t make this up. You just have to be there when that school bus opens its doors at the end of the day to hear what your kids will come up with next.

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3 responses to “Kiss Me On the Bus: A Second Grader’s Tale”

  1. Michael G. says :

    Ah, so that was my problem. I should have got my parents to let me take the bus home!


  2. Holly says :

    Hi- I ran across your blog through Networked blogs and am just enchanted. Though that could be your background picture. Either way, I love finding other bloggers in the Rochester area. I’m your counterpart- a good Protestant girl on the west side 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and will be back often!



    • transplantednorth says :

      thanks for reading, Holly, if you like my blog please share it with your connections, and I’ll do the same for you. I’ve been writing all my life, but pretty new at bloggong. You? The trick of this is trying to figure out how to make it lucrative!

      I’ll be checking out your blog too! have a very happy holiday season!


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