Did you see any U.S. news coverage on the massacre in Israel?

I know it’s been a busy news week.

In Japan, an earthquake, tsunami and now a possible nuclear meltdown. I know that newsrooms are shrinking and international news bureaus are disappearing. But, still there was time and a news hole big enough to give coverage to March Madness, the unrest in Libya and a story on NPR of a man who returned to Calcutta to take care of his aging mother.

But what about covering the murders of five Israeli family members, including three small children who were murdered in their sleep? Nothing.

There only seems to be a need to cover Israel in the media when Israel faces worldwide condemnation for building an apartment building in Jerusalem.  And the coverage of this apparent terrorist attack? Nothing. And the worldwide reaction? Silence. Why is this?

Here is a photo the surviving members of this family wanted the world to see. It is a brutal photo.

I was listening to the news and not one second of coverage was devoted to this story. Not on CNN. Or NPR. Not that I heard. Correct me if I am wrong, but did any American news outlet pick up this story?

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I have been a public relations professional and reporter -- and always thought I would live in the New York Metro area - before my husband took a job in Rochester, New York. Most in Metro New York can't find Rochester on a map,and neither could I before we moved. I am now a columnist and a freelance writer for Rochester's only daily newspaper, the Democrat & Chronicle. I also am passionate about gardening, fitness and most of all, Jewish education and Israel Advocacy. Here's my perspective on Western New York living - the good, the bad, and the snowy.

3 responses to “Did you see any U.S. news coverage on the massacre in Israel?”

  1. Mel Cisum says :

    This is such a good post. I have been very disappointed at how little coverage Japan got in our local area because it took a backseat to the Madison protests. I often feel like media misses the mark on some really key events. If I can have your permission, I’d like to reblog your blog on my blog. (If that makes any sense.)

    And this story and the picture totally break my heart.



  2. Jackie Paulson 1966 says :

    Wow, I am glad someone is re blogging this one! Thanks for the information and photo.


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