Come see the Sorry Side of SEARS: A woeful tale of customer disservice

Tailgating? No.

I should have been a SEARS repairman.

You tell a customer to wait around for you for four hours.

You show up even an hour later than the time window said you would be there.

No mere mortal customer can get in touch with you.

You can charge $250 for 30 minutes of work.

I get paid less than that after I’ve filed two weeks’ worth of columns.

And, as a SEARS repairman, you get paid hand over fist for your incompetency. And then, no mere mortal customer can reach you directly afterwards to complain. Man, I’m in the wrong line of work!

And  the work the customer waited around for doesn’t even fix the problem.

AND, you are not even obligated to leave the customer a reachable phone number to get you back the same day. That woeful customer (that would be … me) must once again be thrown into the 1-800-MYSEARS abyss.

Because I purchased – for extra money – a SEARS Home Appliance Service Contract, my family is plunged back to the 19th Century and we have lived without refrigeration for four, going on five days. Most of my food has gone bad. Some of it is in deep freezer storage thanks to the kindness of my neighbors. The squirrels in my yard are fighting over the rest.


My Sears? Well, you can kiss my ……

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5 responses to “Come see the Sorry Side of SEARS: A woeful tale of customer disservice”

  1. The Sandwich Lady says :

    How horrible! I hope you get this resolved soon. We bought a service contract for our elliptical trainer from Sears and it is taking a month to get it fixed. The repair contractor didn’t want to even schedule anything until we got the parts in the mail, then he had nothing available for three more weeks. Truly sucks! Nothing like losing a refrigerator, though.


    • transplantednorth says :

      thank you. I am hoping that when the repairman actually does come, he will take all the food that has spoiled with him. If not, I’ll be happy to make a special delivery to my local Sears appliance sales floor, what do you think? I just might do it.


  2. Sears Sucker says :

    I needed the serial numbers which were lost in the move along with the washer and dryer, a new frig… SEARS, MORAONS, they could tell me the date of purchase, the amount and the model numbers of what I purchased even WHERE I purchased them.. But the MORONS tried to tell me they did NOT HAVE THE SERIAL NUMBERS? ANd guess what the cops wanted after I caught the thiefs red handeed?? Yep damm cops as stupid as the criminals wanted the serial numbers, go figure.. COST ME over $1,330.00!!!!

    TOP IT OFF THIER SERVICE DEPARTMENT CALLED ME AND THEY WANTED TO COME AND REPAIR THEM!!!! So I sent him to the jerks that stole them. Hope they beat and rob him too!!!!


    • transplantednorth says :

      sorry for your sears sorrows. just another blunder for sears and another nail in their coffin. I hope they go under very soon and I will not shed a tear, not even for the Sears catalog I used to look forward as a kid around Christmastime. Thanks for reading, and please share. And my saga continues, so stay tuned!


  3. los angeles washer repair says :

    I wanted to thank you for this fantastic examine!! I absolutely enjoyed every single minor little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your website to check out the new stuff you post.


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