My Life as Cosmo Kramer: Day seven of living with No Refrigerator

Kramer loved his life with no refrigerator. But he didn’t have three children to feed

“Kramer: Ahh, no, no, no. You got me all wrong buddy. I am loving this no refrigerator. You know what I discovered? I really like depriving myself of things. It’s fun. Very monastic. 

George: Well what do you eat? 

Kramer: It’s all fresh. Fresh fish, fresh foul, fresh fruit. I buy it, I omniga nominga, I eat it.”

Remember that episode? It was funny. But to live a life in the 21st Century with nowhere to put your milk and eggs and cheese, that’s another story.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Sears, again, I wait for the refrigerator repairman.

For the third time. The right parts, this time, have also been waiting in my entryway for the past two days.

But still, no repairman.

I’ve gotten pretty good at working out a system though.

Every day, I buy the smallest possible container of milk.

Instead of stocking up for a whole week, I buy a maximum of 10 pieces of fruit.

It’s a good thing I live up north, because the weekend’s snowfall provided me with cold stuff to pack into my cooler.

I plot out every meal plus snacks like cheese and yogurt for the kids to take in their lunches.

I have learned that most sources of protein and calcium  require refrigeration. I go buy these in small quantities each day as well.

I keep all my produce outside in my cooler. Like this:

Think about this:

How many times  a day you go to your refrigerator to eat a piece of fruit, drink a glass of milk or prepare a meal?

Every time I need to do this, I need to put  on my boots first and let in the cold air.

But even the Rochester cold is not cold enough to keep my strawberries from rotting or my milk from going sour after a day.

So, it’s almost 11 a.m. now. I’ve been waiting six days and .. three hours for refrigeration. It’s like waiting for Godot.

Sears, do you really think you are doing a good job by letting your customers, those who paid extra for a service contract, to live with no refrigeration for seven days?

Thank goodness  red wine does not need to be chilled.

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