Everything’s Coming Up .. too soon

The warmth in March, and everything that goes with it is coming at us all too soon.

The last few days of March have behaved normally, reminding Rochesterians what a Rochester March should really feel like. Sunny but raw. Windy and cold.

But last week’s weather was the talk of the town here in Ra-cha-cha.  A week that in an ordinary Rochester March would bring  ice storms and blizzards saw temperatures soar into the 70s and even 80s, sending people out in tank tops, flip-flops.

On a bike ride around the neighborhood, I even saw a classmate of my 8-year-old son out in her front yard in a striped bikini. Playing in a sprinkler no less!  The warm weather necessitated a trip up to the attic to hunt down our t-shirts and shorts. We usually don’t break out the spring clothing until at least late April.

The blast of March heat sent  bulbs, flowering trees and bushes, and perennials into a tizzy as well.

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Everything is happening much too early. And while it’s great to see neighbors hanging outside again for the first time in months, we all have an unsettling feeling and worry of the fate of our other nearby neighbors, the farmers. Will the premature blossoms of our apple, peach and pear trees survive a frost? How will that affect their crops come fall?

As much as I welcome the warmer season, the sun and blooms remind me that another school year is almost over all too soon. Didn’t I just get in the habit of signing my youngest’s planner or working out an effective communication schedule with my middle schooler’s teachers?

The 100 day countdown to summer camp has already been scrawled  on the family calendar.  It won’t be long until the labeling and the packing begins right on the tail of finals and end of the school year events, concerts and celebrations. This summer for the first time, all my kids will be headed for camp for part or all of the summer.

Like I said, everything is coming up. Way way too soon.

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