Mayim Bialik on Tu B’Av, the Jewish Holiday of Love.

It’s August. The air is heavy and the cicadas of high summer are chirping loudly in the trees. 

It’s this time of year, long ago, that I met my b’shert, my intended, at camp. I was (badly) playing tennis and some girls he knew from his synagogue introduced me to him. He chased after every tennis ball I missed, and there were a lot.

In honor of Tu b’Av (meaning the 15 of Av), TV star and Modern Orthodox Jew  Mayim Bialik  explains how she met her b’shert.

What was the very moment you met yours?

Whatever your faith, I hope this day brings extra luck to you and perhaps today, you will also meet the love of your life.

Elvis Costello, matchmaker | The Times of Israel.

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