I’m not going to comment on this …. much. Ya know those puzzle pictures in the funnies that ask the reader: what’s wrong with this picture? I ask you, my readers, how many falsities about Israel can you find in this blog post? Then please list them on my blog and that of this liar, I mean, blogger.

The Levantine Narrative

“How much longer is the world willing to endure this spectacle of wanton cruelty?” – Bertrand Russell, 1970.

The dream of a “Palestinian state” lies shattered and torn, existing only in the imaginations of those who refuse to see how far we have fallen from the dream of equal rights for every man. In truth it died long ago, like an abusive stepfather forced onto its people, its shadow looming large over the Middle East, the scars it left in its wake so deep it will take generations to heal.

Nothing I have encountered in my life sums up hopelessness better than the abject suffering of the Palestinians. I have traveled the world and some of the dire poverty, war and destitution I have encountered has led me to believe that cruelty seems to be an inbuilt default setting for us as humans. It stuns me how often situations such…

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I have been a public relations professional and reporter -- and always thought I would live in the New York Metro area - before my husband took a job in Rochester, New York. Most in Metro New York can't find Rochester on a map,and neither could I before we moved. I am now a columnist and a freelance writer for Rochester's only daily newspaper, the Democrat & Chronicle. I also am passionate about gardening, fitness and most of all, Jewish education and Israel Advocacy. Here's my perspective on Western New York living - the good, the bad, and the snowy.

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