100 views (please) for my son, the rock star!

Jewish mothers brag about their son the doctor.

Jewish mothers praise the accomplishments of their son, the big-shot lawyer.

I don’t know if I will ever have those bragging rights, but thanks to Craig Taubman and his band of gracious musicians,  my son rocked the bimah at Temple Beth El in Rochester!!!

Thank you, thank you thank you, to Craig and his band and ALL at Temple Beth El who made this weekend happen!

For myself and most of the audience, we expected to be moved by Craig Taubman and his seasoned ensemble comprised of a pianist, drummer, guitarist and a phenomenal woman violinist.

We had no clue that my 14-year-old son would be bestowed the opportunity to show off his latest slide guitar improvs to an audience of about 200.

Jewish rock musicians were not exactly my son’s “thing” – up until last night. He poo-pooed them in fact. If they play Jewish music, how can they be cool???

Kid, you’ve got a thing to learn.

Last night, after a Friday Night Live service, he had the honor of having Shabbat dinner sitting with the band.

They got to talking, and then they got into some serious talking about music. Two realizations were discovered. My son discovered that, yes, these were real, bona fide musicians even if they played in a Jewish rock band. And Craig’s band, after listening to my son go on about designing a pick up for his guitar for a science project, concluded that my son in spite of his young age is also a real musician.

I didn’t think they would let him jam with them tonight. I mean, they are grammy-winning road-touring musicians. Professionals. And my son is good, but he has to earn his musical chops before he gets to share a stage.

But share they did. And this is how it sounded. Excuse the screams from his biggest fan:

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5 responses to “100 views (please) for my son, the rock star!”

  1. auntyuta says :

    It is great that your son has this interest in Music. Yes, please, keep bragging about it. I don’t mind mother’s bragging about their sons achievements. Thanks for posting. Pity about the quality of the sound.


    • transplantednorth says :

      yes, that was the mom’s fault, the poor sound quality. All I had was my Flip cam, I had NO idea (nor did he) that he would be improving like that!


  2. mom says :

    Through happy tears we listen and watch our amazing grandson.May music fill his life


  3. renée a. schuls-jacobson says :

    Mazel tov! And I’m so glad I found you! Thanks for the redirect, Stacy Lynn! 🙂


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