Detroit Metro Teen looking to BRUW his entrepreneurial talents

With just 9 days left in his Kickstarter campaign, Max Feber is more than 70 percent on his way of hitting his financial goal to launch cold-brewing BRUW product.  Here is my article from the Dec. 10 issue of the Detroit Jewish News. 

The weather might be getting cold, but West Bloomfield teen Max Feber, 17, thinks the timing is hot to launch BRUW, a new cold-brewing method for drinking coffee, which he invented and is now awaiting patent approval.

On Nov. 19, the junior at Frankel Jewish Academy launched a Kickstarter campaign at  As of Dec. 2, BRUW enticed 87 backers contributing $4,195, making Feber well on his way to reaching his all-or-nothing funding goal of $9,500 by Dec. 23.  If BRUW hits this milestone, Feber will pour this startup funding into the manufacturing and distribution phase.  Feber said BRUW would be made in Michigan and retail online for $30.

The BRUW filter is a double-sided Mason jar lid with a filter in the center. The coffee is cold-brewed for 12-24 hours and then filtered from one jar to the other in a sealed, spill-free environment.  And, for those who like it hot, Feber said it could be easily concocted into a warm beverage: just add a bit more water, heat and serve.

“The recipe for cold-brewed coffee has already been invented,” said Feber, who describes himself as a “self-proclaimed coffee snob.”   He prefers a medium grind and recommends a four grams of water to 1 graham of coffee ratio.  “I wanted to create a method that was easy, inexpensive and required no electricity. You could enjoy the cold brew coffee on a camping trip or at school.”

This is not the budding entrepreneur’s first attempt at starting a business.  There was the at-home businesses with imports from China and he briefly tried his hand at creating photomontages for Bar and Bat mitzvahs. This time, he believes that BRUW will be a hit.

Feber conceived the idea for BRUW in a dual-enrollment course in partnership with Lawrence Technological University. Students were required to create a product prototype and pitch the idea to the class.  He spent a great deal of time perfecting a prototype with both primitive and professional materials.

“I created countless prototypes ranging from using a 3D printer to making one at my kitchen table with a hot glue gun,” Feber said.

During the Kickstarter campaign, Feber is busy promoting his idea through social media and getting as much support as possible from family and friends. Then, there is also the stuff that the typical high school junior must juggle: class, studying, a part-time job, college prep and extra-curricular activities.

“Let’s just say I am making great use of a color coded calendar these days,” Feber said.

Whether or not BRUW succeeds, Feber said he has learned much from the experience and it will certainly shape his path to choosing a college and career.

“I will always be an entrepreneur, and I am going to study business, no matter what,” Feber said.  Starting a business may be risky business, but one thing’s for sure: in his teen social circle’s drinking cold brewed coffee is hot. Still, he is chided.

“Close friends joke with me and say I might fail. But really, everyone is happy and excited for me. And no one has tried to sabotage me, yet.”


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  1. Webster says : – Mason Jar Joe should be flattered because Charles Caleb Colton said it best, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”


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