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A weekend of Butterflies and Supermoons

Rochester is in the midst of a sweet invasion. 

If you’ve been noticing tiny creatures dancing over the roads in Rochester: along Route 590 off to Henrietta or along Monroe Avenue on your way to Pittsford Wegmans, you are not seeing things. These are not figments of your imagination. Rochester has been inundated by the Admiral Butterfly. These red-winged butterflies have been distracting motorists as well as Little League players in the outfield with their erratic flight patterns. Often, they flit through the air chasing another butterfly friend. 

My kids and I counted at least 50 on the way to the orthodontist this morning and they look like this: 


Rochester is witnessing the biggest population of these butterflies


Some have come to visit us as far south as Guatemala. Enjoy them, they will be around until summer. 

Another visitor this weekend, don’t forget to look up at the moon Saturday night around 9, wherever you live and you may be treated to this: 


Have a great, natural wonder weekend! 

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