Photo Challenge of the Week: Distorted

My husband and I joke that our kids are pretty warped. But at the Museum of Glass in Corning, they had fun distorting and twisting their images, like this:

and then, my son grabbed my iTouch and used the CamWow feature to do this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See, they truly are warped, and I love them for it!


About stacylynngittleman

I have been a public relations professional and reporter -- and always thought I would live in the New York Metro area - before my husband took a job in Rochester, New York. Most in Metro New York can't find Rochester on a map,and neither could I before we moved. I am now a columnist and a freelance writer for Rochester's only daily newspaper, the Democrat & Chronicle. I also am passionate about gardening, fitness and most of all, Jewish education and Israel Advocacy. Here's my perspective on Western New York living - the good, the bad, and the snowy.

6 responses to “Photo Challenge of the Week: Distorted”

  1. Connie T says :

    Great distortions.


  2. transplantednorth says :

    thank you, it was not hard to find image distortions in a museum of glass.


  3. Gilly Gee says :

    Hey great distortions!


  4. nuvofelt says :

    I agree, great distortions.


    • transplantednorth says :

      thank you, the museum kept my kids and my husband and I very amused. I have a video of it too, but I thought that would be too much to put in one post. Thanks for checking out my blog!


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