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Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

I haven’t answered the WordPress photo challenge in a while, but this one seemed like a way to boost creativity and to remind me of what I should and should not be doing to keep myself healthy.

I really try to be in the habit of using this at least every other day for strength, toning and pure mental stability:

And, being the 40something woman that I am, another healthy habit I have tried to incorporate into my daily routine is taking at least one of these:


But, as a mother of three who tries to keep awake to write and read and, function, for better or for worse, this is the only daily habit, that I wish I would quit, that sticks:


It’s a good thing I never smoked.

Happy Weekend!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is curves.

Now, maybe some are thinking the curves of a woman. Or maybe it is a curvy road.

I am a sucker for architecture of older buildings, and one of the things I love about older buildings is a curved staircase, as the one found in the Old State House in Boston:


Another great example of a curved staircase can be found in the Monroe County Civic Building in downtown Rochester. It’s a good thing I had to file my mortgage there this week, otherwise I might have never seen the beautiful architecture and this staircase inside:



Finally, there is the curved staircase (or perhaps it is an angular staircase) in the octagon shaped Hyde House at the Genesee Valley Country Museum in Mumford, NY:




There. I’ve showed you my curves. You show me yours.

Photo Challenge: Patterns

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is  Patterns.

Patterns are found in nature. And in turn, we foolish humans try to mimic the majesty of nature’s patterns in the man-made world. . I photographed two examples of patterns I found this year in Rochester, N.Y.

While one is a pattern only nature could create (well, maybe man helped it along with a bit of hybridization), one is a pattern created by man, or a woman, in hopes of preserving nature.

The first is a lilac. But these are not your ordinary lilacs.

This week is Rochester’s Lilac festival, an event that draws thousands to the area for music, great food, and of course, to inhale the fragrance from the city that can boast the nation’s largest collection of lilac bushes in Highland Park.

Photo Challenge: Patterns

While white lilacs are the most fragrant, photogenically, my mom and I like this striped variety the best. I give full credit to her photographic wizardry here. I also learned from the blog, eattheweeds,  that lilacs are from the edible olive family.  In addition to their intoxicating fragrance, lilac blossoms and seeds can be used in cooking and wine making.

The next photo is a pattern that struck my eye at Rochester’s Greentopia Festival, held every September. As much as I searched and searched on the Internet, I could not find a link to this artist/vendor, so if you know who makes these, leave me a comment and I will certainly give the artist a little link love:

Wallets made out of recycled and laminated magazine and newspaper print. A perfect accessory for the sustainability-minded mom!

Wallets made out of recycled and laminated magazine and newspaper print. A perfect accessory for the sustainability-minded mom!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

The weekly Photo Challenge this week is: change:

It’s kind of spooky, because a big sign of change JUST popped up on my property. Today.

I knew the sign was coming up today from our realtor. I’ve known for over two months. It still is a shock.

But still, it seemed as if it came out of nowhere. No knock on the door. It just sprouted up like a mutant spring bulb.

To me, this is a big life changing event, selling one’s house. And to me, being Jewish, there are usually rituals associated with life changing events.

But trhere was no ceremony, no blessing for putting up a sign as in Judaism, when there is a blessing for putting up a mezzuzah on one’s  door.
I just opened up my heavy, ancient oak door this morning to let my kid get on the schoolbus, and there it was. This to me is clearly a sign of change.

If you have ever sold your home, what were your feelings the first time you saw the sign on your lawn?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colors

One thing I learned this week, (besides fretting over the sorry state of our house hunt) is that people in Michigan love…., no WORSHIP – the color blue.

Photo Challenge: A Day in the life

WordPress asked us bloggers for an in the moment day in the life photo challenge. I am sure That others will post about their day on a safari or exploring  some Eastern European hamlets. I wish I could offer a post as exciting. But, here is an honest glimse of my life from yesterday. The last […]

Photo Challenge: Home

Hmmm. Home. The WordPress photo challenge: Home could not have come at a better time in my life, a more doubtful time in my life.

After all, I started this blog, transplantednorth, feeling like a transplant who was uprooted from my hometown. It’s only now, as my family prepares to move again, am I understanding that I have been home for quite sometime in Rochester.

What is home?

Is it where you grew up?

Is it where your kids grew up?

Is it wherever you happen to lay your head down at night?

this is a good home. The new owners will be very lucky.

this is a good home. The new owners will be very lucky.

This is a photo of our current home, in all its Rochester snow-covered glory.

But it won’t be our home for much longer.

I don’t know what my new home will look like.

I don’t yet know nor can I visualize the surrounding neighborhood or town of the home of our very near future.

So folks, I guess you can say my blog will become a bit more bleak from here on in as we start to say goodbye to all my kids know as home.

I am hoping to pick up again, to be more cheerful and a return to my more optimistic self once in Detroit






Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

is this grave the final resting place of the woman who was known as Mother Goose?

is this grave the final resting place of the woman who was known as Mother Goose?

In this week’s photo challenge, bloggers were asked to present a photo about “beyond.”

To many this conjured up images of city and bucolic landscapes.

For me, I thought of the beyond as the Great Beyond.

This fall, a few days before Halloween, I visited Boston and walked the Freedom Trail. Along the trail is the Granary Burial Ground, the ancient cemetery where many of this country’s earliest patriots are buried.

Perhaps she was not a patriot, but it is believed that this cemetery is believed the final resting place of Mary Goose.

Though she rests in the great beyond, Mother Goose’s poems have been read to children through the centuries, to the present and beyond.

First Photo Challenge for 2013: Resolved

Happy New Year!

now, if you could hear me say this to you from behind my stuffed nose it would sound more like “Habby Dew Year.”

I have yet to have a healthy day in 2013.

Before I can start on this year’s goals: decluttering and cleaning my home to get it ready to sell, going to the gym at least three times per week, I resolve to get HEALTHY!

That’s why my answer to this photo challenge is this:

Sandy12 050

This is a bowl of eucalyptus leaves I pulled off a bouquet recently purchased at Trader Joes. I mixed it with some dried lavender from this year’s garden, plus some Kosher salt. I poured boiling water over it and voila! A home spa remedy that will hopefully relieve my misery.

Before I do anything else this year, I resolve to get healthy again!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Unfortunately, there is no snow on the ground – yet – in Western New York.

But there is still evidence of the changing seasons.

Each week, as part of a long-term science project my son must work on for the entire school year, he must take a photo once a week at the exact same time, exact same place.

This photo, taken in late October, still finds my icicle pansies in bloom in my perennial garden, but little else. Soon, hopefully, they will be covered in snow, the garden all but a memory in a mid-winter’s dream.


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