A Funny Thing about Blog Stats

I don’t really get bogged down about checking my blog stats.

I really could care less about how many eyeballs come to visit my blog or which country they reside.


I lie.

Blog stats keep me from going to bed at night and get me up and going every morning.

Lately, the tag words that lead people to my blog the most are “kosher” and “kosher meat”

In fact, in the last 30 days, searches like “kosher,” “kosher beef,” and “kosher meat cuts” led 227 people to my blog.

It’s all very flattering, folks, but I’m no expert here.

Although I follow kosher dietary laws to some extent – I have a kosher home and stick to a vegetarian diet at non-kosher restaurants – I’m no guru on kosher certification or laws of kashrut. Leave that to the experts like Kosher Maven,  Los Angeles Kosher Restaurants and here is a whole list of kosher bloggers I found on Pragmaticattic.

But still, the Kosher hits keep coming.

Additionally, thanks to WordPress’ mapping feature that lets you check out where in the world the hits are coming from, many of my hits are coming from countries where I bet hardly anyone keeps kosher.


The United Arab Emirates




So, what do I think about this? Maybe – just maybe, people are reaching across the blogosphere to reach across the Muslim/Jewish divide. Maybe, as we approach 9/11,  blogging can dispel the myth we build up about each other.  Maybe, there are people in Muslim-dominant countries who really  want to find out who and what Jews really are.  Maybe we can find common ground,  at least in a gastronomic way.

What interesting trends have you unearthed in your blogging statistics?


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6 responses to “A Funny Thing about Blog Stats”

  1. Jan Simson says :

    Penguins. 2,574 views thanks to that search word.


  2. Maurizio Riccio says :

    Apparently you have no visitors from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea, just like me. I wonder what keywords could help to get those two countries to come around 🙂


  3. Jean-François says :

    “Food waste in Singapore” and variations on that top the list for me, and I get a disproportionate amount of traffic from Singapore. The focus of the blog is on food and food waste – so it’s not as random as “penguins” – and hopefully my thoughts will impact more than one small island nation one day.


    • transplantednorth says :

      thanks for reading and commenting. Food waste is certainly an important issue, considering how the demand is up at local food shelters where I live, even in the suburbs.


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