Photo Challenge: Big

transporting a wind turbine blade. These things are big. Let’s hope we see more of these on the road as a sign of the growth of wind as an alternative energy.

Now, full disclosure here, this is not my photo.


I DID take a photo like this on a summer road trip but, thinking I would never use it, erased it from my camera, to be gone forever. The WordPress weekly photo challenge this week makes me realize, you never know when you are going to need a shot, so hang onto everything!

When you take trips on long stretches of roads like we do, every now again at a rest/truck stop, you come across a tractor trailer carrying something enormous.  Curiosity piqued, we HAD to drive closer in the dusty truck stop parking lot to check it out.

Conclusion: Wind Turbines are BIG. Let’s hope that our use of wind energy in this country only gets … bigger.

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10 responses to “Photo Challenge: Big”

  1. Rejoice For The Day says :

    I live off of I-40 and almost always on trips to and from Nashville, TN, I see trucks carrying these BIG things! I didn’t know what they were until recently. You are right to save all of those pics cause you never know when you might just need one. ­čÖé


  2. lensaddiction says :

    I have never seen these up close so this really does show the scale ! Good on you for fessing up that its not your image and great post for this weeks theme


    • transplantednorth says :

      yes, and what we saw, as this picture shows, is just one BLADE of the whole contraption. Some think they are an eyesore, but when I see a field of wind turbines in the horizon, I think they are beautiful and I know they are producing clean energy. Better than a nuclear plant, right? Thanks for writing.


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