October’s perfect storm

Where did October go?

October is my favorite month. Not only because it contains my birthday and the birthday of some of my favorite people, but it’s the season itself I love to celebrate.

Not so much this October. Not since October 5.

Let’s back up a bit if you don’t know my family situation.

After living in Rochester for 13 years, after being brought here crying and screaming from my NY/NJ metro area roots, my family and I finally feel


Then came October 5. My husband, along with around 300 other workers were given the news. Their facility would be closing in Rochester. There will be some jobs that will be moved to Detroit.

Employees, not contractors, not administrative workers, were given a choice.

Sign on for a severance package and then, only then receive employment counseling for local opportunities.

Sign on a relocation agreement that says you are willing to accept a position in Detroit.

Make this decision for yourself for your family.

By October 31.

So, my friends, my family, for all I meet out and about at the JCC or in the cereal aisle at Wegmans, for the sake of me not having to repeat this story over and over, and thank you so much for all your love and support this month, that’s where it stands.

We have about two days to decide, and we’re still no closer.

So where did October go?

Instead of mulling mugs of hot apple cider, we have been mulling over different scenarios and some very hard choices.

I know, at least we have choices.

Instead of wandering through a corn maze, we have navigated the mazes of Detroit’s ¬†and Boston’s suburbia, twisting and turning through the weight of property taxes, housing values per square foot, ratings of school districts.

No pumpkins have been carved.

No leaves have been raked.

Not a fake spider web have I stretched for the oncoming trick-or-treaters.

October hauntings?

Certainly. We’ve had plenty. Every night, the ghosts and goblins of relocation and uncertainty rattle our beds and keep us awake.

Each morning, I look in the mirror to find reflecting back at me a zombie, the go-where-you-can-make-a-living dead.

Do we live comfortably but far far away from our family? Do we sacrifice square footage and all our retirement to live still on the east coast? A vibrant city or a crumbling one that any day is supposed to have its comeback?

Sandy, you perfect storm of our lifetime, you are just the cherry on top of this perfectly imperfect month.

I already cannot wait until next October. Or, even November 2.

About stacylynngittleman

I have been a reporter and public relations professional for over 30 years, specializing in profile features and investigative longform writing. During my career I've profiled WWII Honor Flight Veterans, artists and musicians and have written on topics that range from environmental and gun control issues to Jewish culture. Click around on my writing samples plus read my blog on my personal life raising three kids over 27 years and three cities.

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