this weekend marks the one year anniversary of my son’s Bar Mitzvah, hooray. I think about life’s small blessings. Thank goodness we celebrated this milestone last year and not this year, what with an impending relocation and the destruction back home in NYC after Sandy. Note to any bar/bat mitzvah kid scrambling for a last minute speech: first and foremost, the Torah teaches you ethics. If you are looking to lift a speech off the Internet on the day you are taking responsiblitiy for your own actions, think twice. I’ve seen a lot of searches on my blog stats for “bar mitzvah speech vayera” So, you are now responsible for your own actions, including those of plagiarism

Stacy Gittleman

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to write a blog post, perhaps because I’ve been a little pre-occupied. Hosting a Bar Mitzvah that includes many out of town guests becomes a four-day affair. My column, teaching and profile pieces also kept me spinning these last few weeks. So instead of my rantings, I’ll offer my son’s Bar Mitzvah speech (otherwise known as a d’var Torah – words of Torah) for this post.  I am thankful that he took direction from me during the writing process. After all, what are writing/blogging moms for?

Shabbat shalom,

It has been an honor reading from the torah today. Actually, I was kind of lucky
that my parasha is Vayera. Unlike other parts in the Torah that deal with leprosy, animal sacrifices, or the appropriate punishment for stealing an ox, Vayera offers a classic narrative of stories we all know: the destruction…

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