Photo Challenge: Home

Hmmm. Home. The WordPress photo challenge: Home could not have come at a better time in my life, a more doubtful time in my life.

After all, I started this blog, transplantednorth, feeling like a transplant who was uprooted from my hometown. It’s only now, as my family prepares to move again, am I understanding that I have been home for quite sometime in Rochester.

What is home?

Is it where you grew up?

Is it where your kids grew up?

Is it wherever you happen to lay your head down at night?

this is a good home. The new owners will be very lucky.

this is a good home. The new owners will be very lucky.

This is a photo of our current home, in all its Rochester snow-covered glory.

But it won’t be our home for much longer.

I don’t know what my new home will look like.

I don’t yet know nor can I visualize the surrounding neighborhood or town of the home of our very near future.

So folks, I guess you can say my blog will become a bit more bleak from here on in as we start to say goodbye to all my kids know as home.

I am hoping to pick up again, to be more cheerful and a return to my more optimistic self once in Detroit






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