We Love a Challange!

as I settle into my new suburban home, I think about the changes I will someday like to make, and the pieces of furniture and decor accents I will someday like to buy. when I do, I hope to use reclaimed materials from the 7,000 homes that plan to be deconstructed from Detroit. Think of all that old-growth hardwood and beautiful detailing that once graced these beautiful homes. The Sunday Detroit Free Press’ business section contained a story of how 2014 promises to step up blight removal in Detroit. Let’s hope that is coupled with the sustainable practice of deconstruction. Spread the word and reblog this post!

Reclaim Detroit

We are working hard to make sure that deconstruction is a part of the efforts to remove blight. We have made a presentation to the Blight Task Force and have submitted a proposal to be on the deconstruction contractors list with the Detroit Land Bank. You can help! Spread the word and speak passionately about Reclaim Detroit. Come visit our warehouse and purchase one of our products.

Deconstructing 7,000 homes (that’s only 10% of estimates) would generate $458,000,000 in economic activity – 4x more powerful than if those homes were thrown in the landfill.


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